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    The area or scope of application of Aquapel, although limited to a simple formula: glass - water - better visibility, also has its own versatility.


    Area or area of application of Aquapel

    Of course, first of all, these are passenger cars. Aquapel is applied by car owners, usually personal cars, for more comfortable driving in conditions of limited visibility during precipitation in the form of rain or snow. It’s one thing to drive a car in clear sunny weather with dry asphalt, and quite another when it’s raining, especially in the dark. If your car windows are not treated with Aquapel, you will need to use your windshield wipers much more often. And on side windows, mirrors, and cars that do not have a rear wiper, during precipitation a veil of water flow forms, which causes significant discomfort when driving. On long trips, this discomfort develops into severe fatigue. After treating the glass with Aquapel, visibility improves and, accordingly, the driver gets much less tired during precipitation, he can move comfortably at a slightly higher speed than with untreated glass.

    Advertising: New and tuning car exterior parts

    In winter, ice on the windows after a long period of parking after treating them with Aquapel is removed much faster; you just need to start the car and wait a couple of minutes until the first flow of slightly warm air melts the ice on the surface of the glass. Next, the ice can be brushed off with a brush or wipers. From untreated glass, the ice must be scraped off with a scraper, which causes the glass to be scratched, since the frozen water contains sand particles from previous trips, or you have to wait a long time for the ice to begin to melt, which will take considerable time.

    Aquapel will also be useful for use on the glass of cabins of various special equipment - cranes, snowblowers, retractable ladders, and so on. Of course, Aquapel will be useful and, even necessary, for treating windshields of commercial vehicles - regular city and international buses, taxis, minibuses and freight vehicles delivering goods, and so on.

    You should not ignore other types of transport, where good visibility during rain and snow is essential:

    - sea transport, ranging from small private boats and yachts to large commercial ships making multi-day or even week-long passages between destinations;

    - air transport, airplanes and helicopters, where it happens, it is vital to have an excellent overview, because this is not a car, when in poor visibility you can stop on the side of the road and wait for the peak of bad weather to pass.

    Applying Aquapel to aircraft windows

    Another area of application for Aquapel is houses/apartments. Our clients, often, having appreciated all the benefits of using Aquapel in the form of quality and durability, buy it for application to the glass of shower cabins from the inside, glass of verandas, conservatories and beveled glass of attics. After application, the glass has to be washed much less frequently, since dirt and water do not linger on them, as do calcified deposits from tap water on shower glass.

    A rather unusual area of application for Aquapel is visual advertising during rain, which will not leave anyone indifferent; they will definitely remember this for a long time and retell it to each other, shoot videos with their phones and post it on social networks. To do this, you need to order a company logo, slogan, or design in the form of adhesive symbols from any company producing advertising products. Next, you need to stick these symbols on the outer, previously untreated surface of the glass. Then treat the glass with Aquapel. After this, peel off all the symbols from the glass. During precipitation, for example, on the rear window of a car or the entrance doors to an office, in place of the peeled off symbols, the silhouette of a flowing stream of water will be clearly visible, and the rest of the space will be covered by disintegrating drops.

    Purchase and payment

    No registration is required to make purchases in the Aquapel.lv online store.

    How not to buy a fake Aquapel

    Due to its high cost, Aquapel has attracted the attention of Chinese replica manufacturers.

    Composition of Aquapel

    Most anti-rain products, from the cheap Turtle Wax to the expensive RainX, are a composition based on silicone, wax and white spirit.

    Frozen Aquapel

    There is an opinion that frozen Auquapel, that is, either stored for some time, or visited, at least briefly, but at a temperature below 0 degrees, after application on glass will not be the same at all; the anti-rain effect may have a significantly shorter duration of validity .

    Removing Aquapel coating from car windows

    The original Aquapel is the most durable coating for car windows with an anti-rain effect.

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