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    Device Aquapel: the applicator contains an ampoule with the product. When the wings are compressed, the ampoule bursts, a chemical reaction occurs with air and the applicator sponge is wetted with the composition. The product must be applied to the glass surface within 15 minutes. 

    Use at temperatures from +10 to +50 °C and air humidity up to 60%.

    Avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow when applying. Do not apply directly immediately after washing the car to avoid drops of water leaking out from under the rubber bands around the windows.

    If there is a need to apply Aquapel in cold weather at temperatures below +10, you should use an industrial or regular women's hair dryer to heat the surface of the glass to an acceptable temperature immediately before using the capsule.

    Any failure to follow the instructions can significantly shorten the life of the Aquapel coating, or even prevent the installation of a protective coating on the glass. If the glass has previously been treated with conventional anti-rain products based on wax or silicone, these coatings should be removed with means for cleaning bitumen stains and resins, or with an abrasive glass polishing agent.

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    Ustrojstvo kapsuli aquapel

    Aquapel capsule inside after use.

    Aquapel kapsula posle ispolzovanija vnutri stekla

    The Aquapel treatment can be repeated as needed, without waiting for the effect to completely disappear.
    Washing glass with various means at car washes and winter alcohol-containing liquids does not reduce the water-repellent properties of the treated glass. Aquapel does not wash off, including acetone.

    Step 1: Cleaning

    Clean the glass thoroughly, remove remaining insects and resin stains. For example, this can be done with a brush or the hard side of a household dishwashing sponge. Then wipe the glass dry. To degrease, use an alcohol-based cleaner that does not contain silicone. Use only disposable paper towels.

    Stage 2: Application

    Take the applicator with the sponge down, lean it against the glass, squeeze the wings until the ampoule inside the applicator is destroyed. This will wet the sponge. Apply Aquapel first evenly on all windows (windshield and two side) with horizontal or vertical movements, then rub with force in a circular motion, first in one direction, and then in the opposite direction, without bringing the applicator to the edges, about about a centimeter, to avoid contamination of the sponge and then the glass.

    If liquid gets on varnish or other non-glass surfaces, wipe it off with a paper napkin.

    Stage 3: Completion

    After all the glass has been passed evenly with one capsule, at least three times each, at the very end, process the edges of the glass, directly at the junction with the rubber body seals. Then wipe the surface until the glass is clean and dry with paper towels. There is no need to wait for the product to soak in. The main task is not to leave untreated areas of glass. A chemical reaction with the glass surface occurs immediately at the moment of contact.


    Use the product only on the clean outer surface of the glass, do not use it on the glass of motorcycle helmets made of plastic to avoid clouding.

    Aquapel original from USA PPG Industries 3

    Raindrops on glass treated with Aquapel

    Purchase and payment

    No registration is required to make purchases in the Aquapel.lv online store.

    How not to buy a fake Aquapel

    Due to its high cost, Aquapel has attracted the attention of Chinese replica manufacturers.

    Scope of application of Aquapel

    The area or scope of application of Aquapel, although limited to a simple formula: glass - water - better visibility, also has its own versatility.

    Composition of Aquapel

    Most anti-rain products, from the cheap Turtle Wax to the expensive RainX, are a composition based on silicone, wax and white spirit.

    Frozen Aquapel

    There is an opinion that frozen Auquapel, that is, either stored for some time, or visited, at least briefly, but at a temperature below 0 degrees, after application on glass will not be the same at all; the anti-rain effect may have a significantly shorter duration of validity .

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