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    Purchase and payment

    No registration is required to make purchases in the Aquapel.lv online store.

    How not to buy a fake Aquapel

    Due to its high cost, Aquapel has attracted the attention of Chinese replica manufacturers.

    Scope of application of Aquapel

    The area or scope of application of Aquapel, although limited to a simple formula: glass - water - better visibility, also has its own versatility.

    Composition of Aquapel

    Most anti-rain products, from the cheap Turtle Wax to the expensive RainX, are a composition based on silicone, wax and white spirit.

    Frozen Aquapel

    There is an opinion that frozen Auquapel, that is, either stored for some time, or visited, at least briefly, but at a temperature below 0 degrees, after application on glass will not be the same at all; the anti-rain effect may have a significantly shorter duration of validity .

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