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    How not to buy a fake Aquapel

    Due to its high cost, Aquapel has attracted the attention of Chinese replica manufacturers.

    Scope of application of Aquapel

    The area or scope of application of Aquapel, although limited to a simple formula: glass - water - better visibility, also has its own versatility.

    Composition of Aquapel

    Most anti-rain products, from the cheap Turtle Wax to the expensive RainX, are a composition based on silicone, wax and white spirit.

    Frozen Aquapel

    There is an opinion that frozen Auquapel, that is, either stored for some time, or visited, at least briefly, but at a temperature below 0 degrees, after application on glass will not be the same at all; the anti-rain effect may have a significantly shorter duration of validity .

    Aquapel is professional a product for application to external glass surfaces with an anti-rain effect (increases the water-repellent properties of the surface). The original Aquapel is a fluoropolymer and penetrates deeply into the surface structure of the glass, unlike fakes and liquids based on mixtures of paraffin, wax and White Spirit, which only create a short-lived surface layer of pseudo-anti-rain. Aquapel increases safety and improves visibility in any situation. The coating allows water to flow freely from the glass and does not allow dirt to linger on it, facilitating the rapid removal of ice, snow and dried insect residues. Country of origin - USA. Company PPG Industries, the manufacturer of Aquapel, has specialized in the production of protective chemical coatings and durable paints for over 100 years. The Aquapel product first appeared on the market in 1997.

    Washing glass with winter alcohol-containing liquids, as well as various products at car washes, does not reduce the water-repellent properties of Aquapel.

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    This product is applied at BMW factories (Part. no. 83 19 9 415 467) to new cars, and is also offered for sale as an original spare part by Audi (Part. no. 00A 096 330 020), VW ( Part. no. 00V 096 330 020) and Volvo (Part. no. 9437496). The cost from local dealers is 30 EUR. The front side windows of Toyota and Lexus cars are also treated with a similar product at the factory. The largest auto glass manufacturer Securit uses Aquapel under the Aquacontrol brand (Part. nr. 920 113 8030).



    The product retains its effect for a significantly longer period of time than analogues, for example Turtle Wax Rain Repellent or Rain-X, which cover the glass with a water-repellent composition based on silicone or wax, resulting in, in addition to the desired anti-rain effect, the effect of a thin opaque films in the light of the headlights of oncoming cars at night, which greatly reduces visibility. Aquapel provides not only the physical safety of the driver, but also psychological comfort, since with better visibility there is no fatigue syndrome, which usually occurs from heavy traffic on a rainy day.

    More details about the chemical composition of Aquapel.

    Aquapel on stekle avtomobilja kapli skatyvajutsja

    One applicator is enough to cover the windshield and two side windows, two applicators, respectively, to treat all the windows of a passenger car. The service life on the windshield is up to 10 months or up to 20,000 km, on the side and rear windows up to 2 years.

    Aquapel-kolichestvo-kapsul-na legkovuju

    Aquapel original from USA PPG Industries 8

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